SPAIN 7th – 8th June 2023

Final Meeting in Zaragoza,Spain

Last week, the Zero Waste partner organizations travelled all the way from their home countries to Zaragoza, Spain for the fourth and last transnational meeting of the project. During this, relevant current and future project steps were covered and looked deep into.

The newest version of the interactive Zero Waste Serious Game on Food Waste Management is now available online and ready for usage. The game already provides a deep understanding of the topic through fun and entertaining stories, so make sure to have a look at and be one of the first few to test it.

Further details and essential information about the Learning and Training Activity – Zero Waste Train the Trainers short-term Training Event – were discussed within the consortium e.g. target group, number of participants and issues to be addressed. 24 professors from the countries involved in the project will have the opportunity to learn more about the project. This training will provide a set of knowledge, skills and competencies related to food waste management to 24 teachers from the project countries, enabling them to use them to train their students. They will also test the material, providing a critical view of the documentation and identifying possible gaps or difficulties in its application to learners.

The partnership also discussed about PR4 development. The toolkit will not only include project materials and important evidence from the piloting activities but also quotes, testimonials, and interviews from high profile people that have partook at least in one part of the project’s lifecycle.

Finally, the consortium briefly discussed the multiplier events that shall take place sometime in October, which will further meet enthusiasts on the subject of the project and therefore further disseminate the project results.