Project Results

PR1 – ZERO WASTE European Synthesis Report on the Needs and Challenges of Food Waste Management in School Education

The project will start with desk and on-field research activities to define the knowledge basis on which building the whole project structure. Within PR1, partners will compile a synthesis report of existing literature on the needs and challenges that schools face in establishing and managing the issue of Food waste along with their needs for developing new material or improving the existing ones. At the same time, along with the literature review, partners will conduct a field research based on a structured questionnaire aiming to collect data directly from the project’s primary target group: teachers and students on the secondary level of education. All the results will be included in the overall synthesis report called “European Synthesis Report Analysis on the Needs and Challenges of Food Waste Management in School Education”.

PR2 – ZERO WASTE training material development, pilots, and policy recommendations

The following step is the development of the educational material for the Training Course for teachers, the development/adjustment of the Learning Management System which will host the training course, the co- development of Teaching resources for students together with teachers and the piloting of both teachers’ course and teaching resources for students in partners’ countries. The training course will equip teachers with competences that will allow them to incorporate the mindset and the knowledge related to food waste management and transfers this knowledge to their students.

PR3 – ZERO WASTE Serious game on Food Waste Management

The ZERO WASTE Game will be a serious game, which will aim to introduce the proper food waste management to young people through gamification method. The aim of this result is to create an innovative online educational game (Serious) in order to advance the skills, promote and motivate in a playful manner the learners for developing Food waste management skills, achieving the greatest positive impact, through the use of a digital game- based environment. Players will simulate the creation of a city with the best possible food waste management by the collection of points earned by progressive challenges.

‼️ If you’re having trouble downloading an APK game through Chrome and getting malware warnings, follow the instructions below to change the settings on your mobile:

  • Open your mobile settings.
  • Go to the “Security” or “Protection and security” section.
  • Find the option that says “Unknown sources” or “Unknown source installations” and enable it. You will get a warning but you can ignore it.

PR4 – ZERO WASTE Toolkit for organizations in education

The ZERO WASTE Toolkit for school staff, teachers, students, parents, trainers will include: 1) The training curriculum and training material developed within the project, 2) The evidence and data collected through the piloting activities in the form of a consolidated report, 3) Teaching Resources, 4) Policy briefs for the promotion and wider establishment of initiatives for the development of the proper food waste management.