Zero Waste LTTA: A Transformative Three-Day Journey towards Sustainable Education

Empowering Educators for a Greener Future


In an impactful three-day Learning, Teaching, Training Activity (LTTA), 25 enthusiastic participants delved into the world of sustainable education through the lens of the “ZERO WASTE” project. The event, held from September 5th to September 7th, 2023, in Zaragoza (Spain) hosted by the partner GEINNOVA was designed to empower educators with the knowledge and tools necessary to champion zero waste practices in their respective communities.


Day 1: A Blend of Icebreakers and Curriculum Insights


The journey commenced with engaging icebreaker activities centered around zero waste practices, setting the tone for a collaborative and environmentally conscious atmosphere. A unique team-building activity, an ecological-themed version of the popular game “Would You Rather,” added a touch of creativity to the day. Participants then delved into the heart of the project, with the presentation of the Combined curriculum/handbook (PR1), offering a comprehensive guide to zero waste education. Immediate feedback collection ensured that participant perspectives were valued from the outset.


Day 2: Platforms, Resources, and Practical Insights


Wednesday saw participants diving into the digital realm as they were introduced to and tested the Platform (PR2) and associated teaching resources. An informational presentation on digital tools and additional resources for teachers broadened their technological horizons. The day continued with an exciting introduction and hands-on testing of the ZERO WASTE serious game (PR3), providing a gamified approach to reinforce learning. A well-deserved lunch break fostered social connections before participants embarked on a visit to the CTRUZ (Zaragoza Recycling Center). This real-world experience shed light on waste management and its intricate connection to food waste management.


Day 3: Inspiration, Policy Roadmaps, and Active Participation


The final day kicked off with a wake-up group activity featuring inspirational videos, setting a positive and motivated atmosphere. The highlight of the day was a Policy Roadmap workshop, where participants delved into the intricate process of policy creation. In groups, they developed their own policy roadmaps, considering the challenges they face in their respective countries regarding food waste management. This hands-on experience allowed them to apply the knowledge acquired throughout the LTTA, fostering critical thinking and practical problem-solving skills.


Throughout the three days, participants engaged in a dynamic mix of icebreakers, team-building activities, and informative presentations. The visit to CTRUZ provided a tangible understanding of waste management practices, while the Policy Roadmap workshop encouraged active participation and collaboration. The LTTA was a holistic experience, promoting interactive sessions, feedback collection, and open discussions, enriching participants with the tools and commitment needed to champion zero waste practices in their educational environments.


As the curtains closed on the Zero Waste LTTA, educators left equipped not only with knowledge but also with the inspiration to lead a green revolution in education. The journey towards sustainable education had just begun.