PR3: Initiation of Zero Waste Serious game on Food Waste Management

This article aims to announce the initiation of Project Result 3: Zero Waste Serious Game on Food Waste Management. The Zero Waste Serious Game will represent an innovative online educational approach that aims to introduce the proper food waste management to young individuals through gamification method. It will ensure the inclusion of interactivity, movie clips, and animations, target the group of youth, and be used as self-training, tool for teaching, and self-assessment.

Players will simulate the creation of a city with the best possible food waste management which means as few as possible food in the trash, less gas emissions, saving money and less people without access to food. The game framework will be about building up a sustainable city by the collection of points earned by progressive challenges: answering quizzes, solving dilemmas and problematic situations, choosing the best practices considering food waste management.

To date, the partners have provided their input based on their experience in serious games and provided information on what have been their strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, the partners have established desk research on serious games and food waste management education at a national level. This is a valuable part of Project Result 3 as the findings will be used to ensure the development of an effective Serious Game. The Serious Game will be reviewed by both direct (teachers/students) and intermediary target group (parents). It will be available initially in English and then translated in other partner languages in June 2023.